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Promis is an outstanding IT Solutions Company with a focused team led by a group of intelligent professionals who are technically proficient and distinctively innovative. The team collaborates closely with customers and ensures unrivaled quality in every detail and step of the process. We provide full-service IT support in Dubai to help our clients achieve their business objectives in an efficient and professional manner.

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We create value across the IT spectrum through deploying innovation, structuring transformation and unlocking growth for your company.

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Our IT Outsourcing & Digital Services

We provide Outsourced solutions for IT & Digital Services to fulfil your IT needs and take your business transformation to the next level.

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IT Hardware Solutions

Revolutionize your data center. Our hardware optimization solutions will help your business run smarter so you can serve your customers more effectively. Whether you’re updating your infrastructure to accommodate increasing demand or creating solution bundles to meet the needs of your customers, our deep relationships and buying power can help. Our team of experts IT Hardware Suppliers can provide buying guide to help you evaluate your options, including hype converged or software-defined infrastructure. We’ll work with you to equip you with the high-performance server, storage, and networking solutions your business needs.

Why partner with Promis?

We’re a full-service IT provider with the expertise and strong vendor relationships to drive results for our clients. Partnering with us gives you top-tier service and exclusive benefits.

Deep Buying Power

Leverage our deep partner relationships with leading manufacturers to deliver the latest technology to your end users.

Self-service Procurement

Purchase hardware, licenses and services in one location through our convenient and intuitive e-procurement platform.

Advanced Integration Labs

Get IT assets configured to your exact specifications. Services include warehousing, asset tagging, kitting and more.

We’ll help you purchase wisely

After identifying your needs, we’ll help you manage your options. Your dedicated account manager can connect you to
exclusive service provider offerings and revenue programs from top vendors.
Procurement is only the beginning of the IT lifecycle. Your investments also require setup, distribution, ongoing
maintenance, and eventual end-of-life disposal. Don’t get stuck in the weeds of IT maintenance. We’ll handle the
maintenance so you can focus on driving meaningful business outcomes.
Using the IT procurement services on offer by us at Promis, we bring to your attention the best in hardware, software, as
well as necessary network components on offer at seamless value and great functionality.

IT Outsourcing

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